NaHSSA and the UBC HSSA Chapter Student Event at CAB IV

What: Wine and Cheese Event
When: Wednesday, June 12, 2013 at 5:30 pm
Where: Joey Bentall One, 507 Burrard Street, Vancouver BC

For more information, please contact Donna Rahmatian at

Health Care Team Challenge™

On Friday, June 14, two of the breakout sessions (G1, H1) will feature The National Health Care Team Challenge™ (HCTC). This is an interprofessional student team event that promotes teamwork and collaboration amongst students across Canada.

Health care students must be equipped to work in teams collaboratively if they are to provide their patient/clients with what they expect; the best possible care. The National Health Care Team Challenge™ is an interprofessional education activity that promotes teamwork and collaboration amongst students. The design provides students with the opportunity to ‘walk the talk’ because as we all know that practice makes perfect. This competition helps facilitate the development of student leaders in IPE by giving them the opportunity to gain exposure and immersion to a variety of core values and competencies like: communication and reflection skills, while developing a mutual respect, openness to trust, and willingness to collaborate with others. In the Health Care Team Challenge™ each student team is provided with the same case to work on, with the goal of developing a collaborative inter-professional patient/client-centered plan of management. On the day of the event, student teams present their plans to an audience of clinicians, academics, community members and students. Teams are judged on both the quality of the management plan and level of team collaboration. The winning team receives an award.

NATIONAL Health Care Team Challenge™ Team Composition

  • As of now, a total of 8 student teams will be invited to compete in the Challenge™.
  • Each team will represent one particular institution/region from across Canada/US.
  • Ideally, all teams will be represented at the National HCTC™. If not, a minimum of three teams and a maximum of six teams will be required in order to run the event.
  • Teams MUST be composed of a minimum of five and maximum of six students.
  • Students will be selected by a process devised by the institution/NaHSSA chapter/student organizing group.
  • No more than two students from any one health care profession can join the same team.
  • Each student must be enrolled at a health service program at an academic institution.
  • Student teams are NOT allowed to contact the Judges regarding any aspects of the Health Care Team Challenge™.
  • A team MUST have at least four students participate in the event.
  • Once registered, no replacement students are allowed to enroll.

For more information, please contact Kristi Prince at

Breakout Sessions for Students

Interprofessional Collaborative Practice in Haiti: Buildinig the Dream Team for Disaster Relief Work
Wednesday June 12, 2013
A5 Use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in Interprofessional Collaboration
A10 4 Oral Papers, Presentation Theme: Clinical
B3 Interprofessional Education and Simulation: Application and Opportunities
B5 Maximizing Interpofessional Learning in a Health Mentors Program
B7 Student Perspectives on the Health Mentor Program (HMP): a Two-Year Longitudinal Interprofessional Education (IPE) Experience
B9 4 Oral Papers, Presentation Theme: Clinical
C3 Building Better Teams: An Appreciative Inquiry Approach to Interprofessional Conflict Management
C5 Experential Workshop: Use of Problems Based Learning in Continuing Professional Education to Enhane Interprofessional Collaboration
C6 Collaborative Interprofessional curricula: Moving from Concept to Practice
C9 4 Oral Papers, Presentation Theme: Clinical & Leadership
Thursday June 13, 2013
D2 NeighborhoodHELP™: A Community-based interprofessional Service Learning Experience
D4 Sustainability of Community-Universeity Partnerships in IPE: Reviewing the Factors
D10 4 Oral Papers, Presentation Theme: Assessment/Evaluation
E1 Technology Enabled Interprofessional Learning
E6 The Art of Leadership and Followership: Training Faculty, Facilitators and Learners to Lead Interprofessional Teams
E8 4 Oral Papers, Presentation Theme: Team
F2 Involving Patients in Interprofessional Collaborative Practice Education for Health Sciences Students
F4 Conflict in Interprofessional Life: Educating Students for What Lies Ahead
F9 4 Oral Papers, Presentation Theme: Partnership/Community & Leadership
Friday June 14, 2013
G1 Health Care Team Challenge
H1 Health Care Team Challenge (G1 Continued)